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Make cheap Internet phone calls

Use a Wifi or 3G connection

Cheap VoIP phone calls

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Make cheap Internet phone calls

What is Tribair?

Tribair is a free mobile application available on Android, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.
Once installed, you can start making and receiving Internet phone calls to any phone number at a very low cost.
Calls are routed over a WiFi or data network and can save your precious carrier minutes.
You can even remove your SIM card and still use the service, which makes it a perfect solution when travelling to stay away from a huge roaming bill.

How much does it cost to use Tribair?

The app is free.
Phone numbers are free
Incoming SMSs are free
There is no connection fee, no monthly fee, and no hidden fees.
You must pay for calls and to send SMSs.
Check our rates here

How does Tribair work?

Call, text or send an email invite to your contact. They will automatically receive a phone number, preferably in their country, to contact you back.
Your contact doesn't need the app to contact you back; They can call from any phone.
You must have your notifications activated to use the app and receive calls and SMSs.

How to make calls?

Make sure you have an Internet connection, start the App, wait a few seconds then dial the number or select the contact from your contact book or call history.

Can I call landlines and mobiles with Tribair?

Yes, you can make incredibly affordable calls to landline and mobile phones worldwide. Just make sure you formatted the number in an international format, e.g.12125551234 for US phone number.
Check our rates here

Does my contact need to have the App?

Contacts don't need to use the App to contact you. It works from any phone

In which languages is Tribair available?

Tribair is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew.

Can I call premium, toll-free or emergency numbers?

We do not support emergency numbers, premium numbers or toll free numbers. But if you have an iPhone or Android, calls to an emergency number will be placed on the cellular network, even if your SIM card was removed. All calls of 4 digits or less will also be placed on the cellular network.

Use a Wifi or 3G connection

Do I need a WiFi router to use Tribair on my mobile?

All Tribair calls go through your device's Internet connection. You can use a WiFi connection (recommended) or your 3G data plan if available.
WiFi communications never consume any data from your data plan or incur roaming charges.
WiFi is also faster and better than 3G data that sometimes gets congested.

Can I use Tribair over 3G?

You can use your 3G data plan to place calls.
Depending on your contract, operator data charges and roaming fees may apply when using Tribair over a mobile data connection.

How can I activate calls over 3G?

- On iPhone, it is on by default and it is a phone general setting.
To deactivate the 3G network you must be in airplane mode or in General -> Network : Disable 3G.

- On android, calls over 3G are not permitted by default.
To allow them, go in Tribair Menu -> settings : Use data plan.

Cheap VoIP phone calls

Is it prepaid or post-paid? Do you offer subscriptions?

Tribair is a prepaid solution. Your balance is adjusted at the end of each call. There is no subscription available yet.

How can I pay to make cheap phone calls?

- On Android, you can pay directly from the app, simply tap on your credits, from the dialer.

Or pay from the website by clicking on Buy credits and follow instructions.
Your payment will be redirected to PayPal, on their secure web site.
You can either pay using a PayPal account or by entering your Visa, MasterCard or Amex number directly from PayPal.
Contact our customer service team for more information.

Does my Tribair credit balance expire?

Your Tribair credits will expire 6 months after purchase. If you make a new purchase prior to the expiration date of the unused credits, the expiration date for all credits will be extended for another 6 months.

Why have I not received my free trial credit?

We only offer free trial credit on your first registration of Tribair or their affiliate apps per device.

Free phone numbers

Where can I get my phone number?

The first time you contact someone, they automatically get a phone number to contact you back, preferably in their country. You must contact them first.

How can I invite my contacts?

You can invite your contacts by calling, texting them or sending an email invite from within the app.
We try to give your contact a Recall number in their country so that they can contact you back at local rates.

Does Tribair have an address book?

Tribair is integrated with the native address book of your phone. No need to re-enter all your contacts.

How can I change my email?

- On iPhone, tap on More -> My Account. Make your change and tap Update.

- On Android, tap on Tribair Menu -> Info -> My Account. Make your change and tap Update.

How can I change my phone number?

Contact our customer service team for more information.


I am not able to make a call?

Please contact our support team at
describing as precisely as possible what is happening.
Also, send the following information:

1. Tribair username
2. Your phone model
3. How to reproduce the problem
4. Error Message if any
5. The time you are having this error (GMT)

How to avoid echo problems?

If you hear your own voice as an echo, the problem is on the other person's side.
If the other person can hear their voice echoing, the problem is on your side.
If your are using speakers, try to lower the speaker volume. And if it doesn't work, try to use a headsets or headphones instead of speakers.
The level of background noise around you, will affect the sound quality.

How can I ensure the best call quality when using the application?

To get the best call quality with Tribair, make sure you have a strong WiFi connection and you do not have a lot of other applications running on the device. Also try to be close from your router. When at the limit of connectivity, the bandwidth available is much lower.

How far away from my WiFi may I be to get a good signal?

The distance is something proper to each phone and the power of your WiFi unit. The average distance is something around 100 feet (30 meters). But over 60 feet (18 meters) the signal decreases considerably.

How come my contact can't hear me when I call from an iPod touch?

You need a microphone properly configured on your iPod touch. Apple did not offer a microphone on 1st generation iPods. On 2nd and 3rd generation iPod, you need to have a headphone with microphone included attached. On the new iPod 4, the microphone is integrated on the device.

Is my phone supported by Tribair?

Tribair works on Google Android phone, and Apple mobile device (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad).

Does it work in my country?

Technically, Tribair works anywhere as long as you have a good WiFi connection.
However legally, you must check if there are restrictions or regulations from your Internet service provider or from your government concerning the use of VoIP.
Contact us for more information.

Why can't I find the Tribair apps in the Google Android Market?

The Google Android Market will only show you the application compatible with your devices.
The minimum requirements are:
- Android 2.0
- Google Maps

I am calling USA number 212-555-1234, but Tribair connects me to a person in Morocco!

Dial 12125551234.

My friend's telephone number in France is 01XXXXXXX, I dial 3301XXXXXXX, but can't reach him!

In many countries (including most European countries) leading 0 is a long distance prefix and should not be dialled when you dial a number starting with the country code. Dial 331XXXXXXX.

How can I uninstall Tribair from my phone?

To uninstall applications that you installed using the Android Market:
1- Open the Google Android Menu,
2- Go to the Settings icon and select Applications,
3- click on Manage,
4- You will be presented with a list of applications you have installed,
5- Select Tribair and click the Uninstall button.

To uninstall Tribair installed from a Apple device, simply do the following:
1- Hold your finger on either the icon for the application you wish to uninstall or any other icon until the icons on your home screen begin to shake or wiggle (the same action you take to move or re-arrange home screen icons)
2- Click the X in the upper left hand corner of the icon for the application you wish to remove
Or delete the application from your iTunes applications tab

How can I cancel my account?

Please contact our support team at
They will ask you certain questions in order to identify you and close your account.

How can I create a second account on my phone?

Only one account per phone can be created. That way, we can speed up the login process.